We are problem solvers.

Our greatest asset is our ability to solve problems for our clients. The problems we have solved range from creating and running the accounting function for a $500 million manufacturer to fixing the IT effectiveness of both small and large companies.

Business Applications

Strategic Solutions NW specializes in pairing technology with client need. We do so by utilizing our comprehensive methodology to effectively align an organization’s business strategies with people, processes, technologies, and performance measures. Our methodology is built on project leadership, system implementation, and change management themes that work to reduce the risks often associated with developing and implementing large-scale technology projects.

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Strategy and Operational Excellence

We believe that the majority of technology initiatives should support the organization’s business strategy. We have helped clients realize significant business value in these key strategic areas:

  • Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Planning and Execution
  • Shared Services and Cost Management

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Technology Integration

The effective integration of information technology into business processes has proven to be a key enabler to gaining competitive advantage. However, ease of maintenance and total cost of ownership are critical when considering an IT system’s ability to successfully integrate with a business’ objectives.

We excel at integrating technology into existing business platforms to create competitive advantages that support your business goals.

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IT Governance

IT Governance is a dynamic initiative that works to determine the future state of IT applications. Because IT infrastructures are ever-changing, every decision to bring technology into the enterprise should be guided by a documented standard. Creating and implementing these standards and guidelines for the IT environment is crucial to ensure conformity and success in the ongoing delivery of information technology services.

Our consultants rely on a collective wealth of industry experience to guide clients through the setup and implementation of world-class IT departments that are then maintained using best practices in buying and maintaining technology resources.

Application Support Services

Because today’s small to midsize companies face increasing difficulties in attracting, training, and retaining support staff to maintain their core business systems, organizations routinely rely on external consulting resources to augment their internal ERP skills and help them navigate dynamic technical environments.

As a result, Strategic Solutions NW provides a broad range of managed support services for organizations in need of cost-effective solutions for business management applications and ERP systems.

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Transition Services

Business success is often measured by growth, and mergers and acquisitions are a natural way of getting ahead, and staying ahead, of the competition. If your business is struggling to reconcile multiple ERP systems, has unexpectedly acquired a substantial asset, or is simply preparing for projected growth, then Strategic Solutions NW can help your business transcend geographies and transition new employees. Our extensive experience assisting companies that have reached their resource limits is available to aid your business in its assimilation of new assets in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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